EPT: Viva Italia!
April 2, 2022
The European Poker Tour "San Remo Championship" has begun in San Remo, Italy, and if the Day 1a numbers are any indication, the EPT is looking at yet another successful event. 337 players signed up to play in this first day of the tournament, a number that included many of poker's most notable top guns. Patrik Antonius, Katja Thater, Steve Zolotow, Roland de Wolfe, Rolf Slotboom, Thor Hansen, Liz Lieu, the list goes on and on. Even a former 3-time Olympic gold medalist, showed up to play. Italian skier Alberto Toomba, a man who has proven his dominance on many of the World's toughest slopes, was unable to overcome the mountain of talent that was waiting for him at the poker table, finding himself busted and on the rail before the end of the very first day. Mr. Toomba could take some solace in knowing he was not the only one, Antonius, Thater, were soon there as well.

The EPT always provides an exciting tournament and this event so far, looks to be one of their best. To catch some of the action, don't forget to head to on April 4th and 5th, as we'll be streaming the last two days of the event live via webcast.

Checkout Live Video Webcast coverage on PokerRoad's Livestream!:EPT page page for details. More information can also be found Here.

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