Cake Poker Encryption Suspect
July 27, 2021, the company that uncovered the Cereus Poker Network’s temporarily exploitable encryption issues a few months back, yesterday announced a similar problem with the Cake Poker Network, though in this case things could actually be a little worse.

Once again, as was the case with Cereus, it appears the Cake Poker Network may use a less than optimal encryption method for protecting player's sensitive data and hole cards during transit, potentially allowing hackers the opportunity to intercept that information with the use of a relatively basic program.  This vulnerability, which PTR seems to prove through a posted proof of concept video on their website, appears to be worse than the Cereus vulnerability- which was corrected by that company after a few days- as not only was the software employed able to pick up a player’s hole cards, but this time was also able to intercept their usernames and passwords in an uncoded form, allowing hackers free access to a player’s real money accounts.

Lee Jones, Cake Poker’s highly respected Online Card Room Manager, seemed to confirm this vulnerability’s existence recently on the Two Plus Two Official Cake Poker Feedback Forum, while at the same time also confirming that his software team is working quickly and diligently to remedy it.

“Our development team replicated the described scenario and confirmed that a vulnerability exists which can be addressed to strengthen the security of the Cake Poker software. We take this very seriously and have mobilized a team of senior engineers to address the problem. In short, we are adding an SSL layer to secure all communication between our servers and the client software. We've got everybody who can possibly help on this and will get the development and testing jobs completed as soon as humanly possible...”  -Lee Jones, Cake Poker Card Room Manager

For more detailed information on the Cake Poker Encryption dangers- which currently seems to affect both Cake Poker and all its accompanying skins- visit
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