PokerStars And The Lamborghini
July 29, 2021
Many of us frequent visitors to love reading the blogs, writing on the forums, and listening to the many podcasts on the site, but deep down there’s always the real goal, the secret wish, the dream if you will, that we all secretly aspire too... becoming Ali Nejad.

Nejad, the beloved past host of PokerRoad Radio and current voice over man for NBC’s Poker After Dark, has talent, humor, looks and creativity, a superfecta few us could hope to achieve, but he also has a pretty sweet car and in that respect, thanks to, we may finally be able to measure up.

PokerStars, the world largest online poker room, is giving away a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 to the winner of a series of freerolls, a $200,000 supercar sure to get someone noticed even on Sunset on a Saturday night. 

First step, there are 24 qualifying daily freerolls, which as of this writing have already begun, plus numerous $1.10 and $11 satellites, all of which can qualify players into a major weekly freeroll with a $100,000 prize pool of its own. Players that succeed in one of those weekly events, then gain entry into the Grand Final tournament and the winner of that, amazingly, scores the car.

For more detailed information on the PokerStars Lamborghini Freeroll, or to join the site through PokerRoad and receive a 100% first deposit bonus worth up to $600,  just visit PokerStars by clicking here.
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