Florida Poker Just Gets Better And Better
April 2, 2022
Florida poker use to be nothing but a punch line. The state was known for low unplayable stakes, no fold 'em hold 'em, and a government that didn't seem too understand how absurd the situation was.

Recently though, Florida has taken real strides to change all this with new laws enacted last summer allowing for higher stakes and more card rooms. A new bill may make things even better still, and so far it's on track to make it all the way to the State Senate. The bill in question, sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Steve Geller, will allow for "high stakes" and celebrity poker tournaments, while also granting card rooms and racetracks the right to stay open longer. This bill was recently voted on in the Regulated Industries Committee and was passed eight to two. The bill must now head to two more committees and, if successful, will then head to the State's Senate for a final vote. If all goes well, it may not be too long before we're hearing PokerRoad Radio streaming live from a WPT event in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida.

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