NFL No Longer Out To Tackle Online Gambling
August 11, 2021
According to a recent article at understandably grabbing quite a bit of attention at the moment- the NFL, which has traditionally been one of the most significant groups against any form of online gambling, has decided not to oppose Barney Frank’s H.R.2267- legislation specifically created to regulate online gaming in the US. 

In an email conversation between PokerNews and the NFL, spokesman Brian McCarthy stated that due to recent amendments to Frank’s bill- and particularly the specific language used in those amendments- they no longer oppose the legislation and are in fact “pleased” with the bill as it currently stands.

Presumably the amendment the NFL is most pleased with was introduced by Representative Peter King, which specifically excludes "internet bets or wagers on sporting events with the exception of pari-mutuel racing" from Frank's bill.

The NFL, about to enter its 91st season, has been vocally against most forms of online gambling since the technology was still in its infancy (not including its own fantasy football leagues) and even played a significant role in passing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006.  If the NFL has now truly reversed their standard position- or at least softened it- the result can only bold well for the industry, whether this particular piece of legislation passes or not.
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