Arizona State Poker Championship Gains Big Numbers Through Reentry Format
August 18, 2021
The $1,050 buy-in, 6th Annual Arizona State Poker Championship, took place recently at Casino Arizona in Scottsdale, with a total 975 entrants throughout its multiple starting and restarting days. 

That number of buy-ins was enough to create a total prize pool worth $1,075,000, thanks in part to an added bonus of $100,000, promised by organizers if registration was able to pass the 900 player mark.  This massive turnout and prize pool for a non-major tour affiliated event, according to tournament staff, was officially the largest in Arizona poker history.

Numerous respected players showed up for this sixth annual event- despite it not being nationally televised- including perhaps most notably PokerRoad’s own Allen “The Chainsaw” Kessler, who could of course be found tweeting (@AllenKessler) his thoughts on the event, its prize pool and its structure choices, from before it started all the way till busting just shy of the 104 person money bubble.

The winner of the event, according to poker room staff on site, was amateur player Ted Goldstein, who took down the title and a top heavy, non-chopped grand prize, worth $336,368.

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