Lee Rousso Bows Out
April 3, 2022
Candidate for Governor Lee Rousso has bowed out of the gubernatorial race in the state of Washington. Rousso, a prominent attorney and the PPA Representative from Washington State, was primarily running to attract attention towards Washington's excessively strict anti-internet poker laws (in Washington, playing internet poker is a felony equal in punishment to some forms of rape). Unfortunately, a new ruling made by the United States Supreme Court effectively changed Washington's election laws, and made continuing his campaign seem like a worthless endeavor.

The new ruling basically stipulated that only the top two vote-getters in the Washington primary could be put on the final gubernatorial ballot, thus virtually assuring the top Democrat will be up against the top Republican. Rousso correctly deduced that as he was neither, hence bowing out of the race was his best and most viable alternative.

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