Legends Final Table Features Two Repeat Offenders
August 25, 2021
A mere six players now remain at the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker main event out of an initial 462, yet remarkably two of those players have been in this spot before. 

Both Tom Lee and Kyle Wilson, currently second and third in chips respectively, made a WPT Bicycle Casino Legends TV final table before, and even more remarkably both disappointingly went out first out of the final six. 

Kyle and Tom will clearly want to best that result today, and one at least is destined to do so, but to do much better they’ll first have to successfully battle four other tough competitors, including a chip leader that has been the dream destroyer to many at this year’s Legends.

Just one of many players taken out by chip leader Andy Frankenberger, was poker poker pro Jonathan Little, who after a highly disappointing Day 4 went from second in chips of the 15 Day 4 starters, to surprisingly out in twelfth- cashing for "only" $24,000.  Other players eliminated during yesterday’s Day 4 play included Adam Schiffer (15th- $19,500), Tyler Cornell (11th- $24,000) and Steve Reitzfeld, the unfortunate “Seventhbok” of the event who cashed for $45,000.

The final table of the 2010 WPT Legends of Poker main event, is set to begin at 4:00 p.m. at LA’s Bicycle Casino, to rail the action online visit
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