Blanca Electrifies Poker Community With Word Of Cereus Acquisition
August 28, 2021
The Cereus Poker Network, home to Absolute Poker and UB, according to a recent press release has been acquired by Blanca Games Inc., a company seemingly created just to capitalize on such online gaming opportunities.

“The acquisition of Cereus is a significant opportunity for us,” stated Blanca Games Chief Executive Officer Stuart Gordon. “Cereus is a major platform of well-managed assets. Over the past few years, it has created new brands, like, that are extremely well-positioned in the most desirable demographic in our market: players in the 20s and 30s age brackets."

This change in management is not expected to effect current Cereus players at all at the moment, but could profoundly change things in the long term, not only through new managerial direction, but in the way the company itself is perceived, particularly by those players excited by the idea of fresh, scandal-free faces, at the controls. 

“We intend to leverage the existing strengths of the Cereus Poker Network, particularly in the areas of security and customer service,” said Gordon.  “Although we are impressed with many of the new security features on the Network today, security is and will remain our top priority. We’re also pleased with the efficiency and the player-friendly approach of Cereus’ customer service operation, but we will always be seeking to improve in this area.”

This Blanca Games Inc., Cereus Network acquisition, has already been authorized to move forward by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission- one of online gaming's main regulatory entities.
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