Mizrachi Faces New Legal Woes
September 9, 2021
Michael Mizrachi, according to a recent Cake Poker blog post, is being sued for breach of contract by Deliverance Poker, a former sponsor that claims they should still be one.

Mizrachi, who earned a coveted sponsorship agreement with Full Tilt Poker after winning the World Series of Poker Players Championship and then final tabling the Main Event this summer, was seen wearing Deliverance poker patches for much of the Series leading up to the Main Event, but apparently no longer wore them after the Full Tilt contract insisted on logo exclusivity.  Tiltware, the company behind Full Tilt Poker, is also named in the Deliverance complaint. 

Deliverance Poker seems uninterested in even sharing Mizrachi with Full Tilt, claiming he had received $150,000 upon signing the contract and a 1.7% interest in their company, for agreeing to an exclusive deal with Deliverance Poker back in 2009, long before he ever signed with Full Tilt Poker.
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