Daniel Tzvetkoff Makes Bail
September 15, 2021
Daniel Tzvetkoff, the man behind internet poker payment processing company Intabill, according to a recent article in Australia’s Courier-Mail, has been released on bail after being arrested earlier in the year for money laundering and fraud, and allegedly helping illegal US online gambling companies channel more than $500 million in funds between their players and the sites.

Tzvetkoff, once known for his “baller” lifestyle before losing much of his fortune, was originally denied any sort of bail- presumably due to being considered a significant flight risk- but now has been released according to the Courier-Mail due to an as yet undisclosed plea agreement, and possibly based on a new willingness to cooperate with federal prosecutors, as they pursue significantly bigger fish.

This story, coupled with an earlier Wicked Chops Poker article which claimed Jason “JDN” Newitt- a former Full Tilt Poker employee- had been recently subpoenaed by the unrelenting Southern District of New York, could potentially spell trouble not only for Full Tilt Poker, but for all U.S. facing online poker sites, as they continue to maintain that despite the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, they are doing nothing wrong.
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