A Big Day For In San Remo
April 7, 2022
The Final Table of the European Poker Tour San Remo Championship was not one you would have wanted to arrive late to. The entire blistering fast final table took less than three hours and the heads-up portion lasted only two hands. Yes, in less time than it would take to watch Gone With The Wind, seven of the eight players were eliminated, leaving only PokerStars qualifier Jason Mercier alone at the table with the $1,340,867 cash prize.

Mercier, in his quest for the title, needed to overcome chip leader and Team PokerStars member Dario Minieri, a player known for his ultra-aggressive style as well as for looking like Harry Potter. Minieri lasted all the way into third place and could have easily taken down the title if not for a rivered diamond that made Dario's pocket Queens second best to Mercier's flush.

The final table finish positions were as follows:

1st Jason Mercier (USA) $1,340,867
2nd Anthony Lellouche (France) $779,215
3rd Dario Minieri (Italy) $443,767
4th Eric Koskas (France) $345,015
5th Gregory Genovese (Italy) $290,855
6th William Thorson (Sweden) $216,946
7th Dag Palovic (Slovakia) $172,507
8th Marcus Bower (USA) $118,348

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