Stapes' Fame Grows, Interviewed On Poker News Daily
October 12, 2021
PokerRoad’s Joe Stapleton, co-host of both Two Jacks In The Hole and the site’s flagship show PokerRoad Radio, was featured recently on the industry news website, Poker News Daily (PND), in a two-part interview that explores his past, present and future success in poker media.

Stapleton, now quickly gaining mainstream notoriety through his co-hosting duties on Fox’s The Big Game, throughout the nearly 15 minute interview with Sean Gibson, not only covers much of his humble beginnings with CardPlayer and PokerWire but also many of the people that helped him along the way, including Daniel Negreanu, Chris Rose and fellow PokerRoaders Scott Huff, Jimmy Fricke and Amanda Leatherman

Stapes' classic irreverent style and humor is fully on display during the informally styled piece, and makes for an enjoyable and surprisingly informative interview- destined to teach even some of the most die hard Stapleton fans a few things they may not have previously known

To check out the interview click the links below:

Joe Stapleton Poker News Daily Interview Part 1

Joe Stapleton Poker News Daily Interview Part 2

For more from “the King of hairy Italian comedy,” check out all of Joe’s work here at, or watch The Big Game late nights on Fox- currently premiering all new episodes (check local listings).
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