Duhamel Does It!
November 9, 2021
Jonathan Duhamel, the chip leader heading into the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event final table, after a few small bumps along the road, completed poker’s ultimate journey late last night, to become the WSOP’s newest Main Event champion.

Quebecer Duhamel, who now holds the admirable distinction of being the first ever Canadian Main Event champion, earned the win and top prize of just under $9 million, after vanquishing his final foe, John Racener, in a heads-up battle that lasted less than two hours. 

In that short time, Racener, who entered Monday’s heads-up portion of the event with a 6-to-1 chip deficit, did manage one double-up, but ultimately was unable to sustain forward progress, mercilessly chipped away by Duhamel.  In the final hand, Duhamel, shoved his stack in with Ace-Jack, and was called by Racener with an inferior King-Eight; the board offered little help, and Racener was eliminated in 2nd place out of an original 7,319.

For the second place finish, Racener earned $5,545,855, and though he would take home no bracelet- or the legendary status that trinket affords- his cash was still substantially better than the third place money he was almost certainly about to collect late Saturday night, if not for the flukey scenario that found the two dominant stacks of the three remaining, go to battle around him in an all-in, pre-flop confrontation, that ultimately crippled the chip leader at the time Joseph Cheong, and robbed him of his opportunity to compete heads-up for poker’s biggest title with Duhamel.

The final table finish positions for the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event were as follows:

1st.  Jonathan Duhamel- $8,944,138

2nd.  John Racener- $5,545,855

3rd.  Joseph Cheong- $4,129,979

4th.  Filippo Candio- $3,092,497

5th.  Michael Mizrachi- $2,332,960

6th.  John Dolan- $1,772,939

7th.  Jason Senti- $1,356,708

8th.  Matt Jarvis- $1,045,738

9th.  Soi Nguyen- $811,823

For more information and details on the route Jonathan Duhamel took to become poker’s newest Main Event champion, visit, or check out tonight’s (11/9) WSOP Main Event episode on ESPN, where the hole card enabled final table will play out for the first time on TV, in front of an international and possibly record setting audience. 

For show times and channels, check local listings.
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