Washingtonians No Longer On Tilt
November 12, 2021
Washington poker players, still reeling from a recent decision by PokerStars to no longer accept action from the state’s many players, were hit by another blow today when it was made public that Full Tilt Poker- the second largest online poker site after Stars- will follow a similar course, leaving Washingtonians with only a play money option if they want to continue "playing poker with the pros."

This new policy, which seems to come as a direct result of a recent Washington Supreme Court decision, which upheld a state law that makes playing online poker in Washington a felony, will apply to all players within the state’s boundaries- whether resident or not- and transversely will not apply to anyone outside of the state, even if registered with Full Tilt as a citizen of Washington.

Washington, even before PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker pulled out of it, was known to have the most severe anti-online poker laws in the country, so it makes sense online poker sites- especially those interested in the possibility of a place in a future regulated US market- would be cautious on how best to handle it.  The question today, as an entire state of players attempt to figure out how they’re going to play real money online poker now, without moving to Oregon, is which state’s players could be the next ones left in the lurch.

To learn more about different individual state laws, in regards to online poker visit the Poker Players Alliance website- poker’s leading grassroots advocacy group.

For more specifics on Full Tilt Poker’s new rules regarding players in Washington click here.
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