Online Sunday: As One Series Ends...
November 22, 2021
Sunday, already the biggest online poker day of the week, was bolstered yesterday by the two largest online poker sites both running special tournaments; the end of Full Tilt Poker’s most recent Online Poker Series- FTOPS XVIII-and the start of PokerStars’ largest Regional Championship of Online Poker- the USA RCOOP.

PokerStars, despite the fanfare associated with the start of its most recent RCOOP- of the 13 being hosted- also still ran their weekly Sunday Million tournament, which this week was taken down by online player “RICOFELIZ” for $252,276.50.

The “RICOFELIZ” unchopped win, over his 8,575 fellow competitors, was impressive, but thanks to the conclusion of FTOPS XVIII, was far from the largest single payout from the day.  That honor went to FTOPS XVIII main event champion “JHoWn,” who took down $411,932.13 for outlasting its 5,023 entrants; about $80,000 more than online player “tennisassxy” earned for winning the larger buy-in, FTOPS 2-Day event, which also wrapped up on Full Tilt Poker this weekend.

In comparison to those large prizes, the results thus far for PokerStars’ USA Regional Championships of Online Poker, seem moderate at best, however this Series is just getting started, and in total is guaranteeing over $3.2 million dollars in prize pools throughout its 11 scheduled events.  Sunday’s first two USA RCOOP event winners, “akb1” and “takitdown,” earned $30,450.40 and $13,817.96 respectively for winning Events #1 and #2- both prizes adjusted due to agreed upon final table deals.

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