Differing Reports Cause Confusion after Taj Mahal Stabbing
April 10, 2022
Reports are still surfacing regarding the tragic stabbing of a 61-year-old poker player at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, the information in these reports varies to such a degree, that it can often lead to more confusion than clarity.

Throughout the life of this story, there have been conflicting reports on nearly every aspect of the event - from who started the violence, to whose seat was taken, to how to spell "Vicente." This is perhaps not that surprising given the willingness of many in the poker community to weigh information available in an online forum, equally with information obtained from officials and the mainstream media.

What is clear at this point is that a poker argument between two men escalated to such a degree that one of them felt justified in stabbing the other numerous times in the cheek, back, and abdomen, resulting in the death of Arthur Prince less than two hours later. These are the relevant facts that New Jersey authorities are most concerned with, as they prepare their case against 57-year-old Vicente Perez. Perhaps we should follow their example, as we await some clarity regarding what really happened that fateful night.

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