PokerStars To Unmask Their Newest Pro Isildur1
December 7, 2021
PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room, has just signed one of the world’s most mysterious and buzz worthy online pros, Sweden’s Isildur1, and plans to officially announce the identity of the player in the near future.

Isildur1, a player who many at this point assume is poker pro Viktor Blom, first began making headlines throughout the online poker community a little over a year ago, when he was seen taking on and beating some of the most successful players in poker heads-up; literally winning millions and losing millions, and sometimes on the same day.

In a recent PokerStars press release, fellow PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu had this to say about Isilidur1: 

“It’s not every day that a player like Isildur1 comes along. If you look up the definition of the term ‘phenom’ you'll see a picture of his face! When he is playing, the poker world takes notice. Hate to overuse the poker term ‘sick’ but Isildur’s no-limit Hold'em game is just that – sick! Few people step up to the plate against him, but the ones who have, universally have respect for his raw talent.”

Although believed to be Blom, Isildur1- most likely for tax reasons- has never officially come out to the world, however as PokerStars’ newest signed pro, his identity can no longer stay a mystery.  According to the release, the true announcement of who Isildur1 is, will soon be forth coming.

PokerStars also announced that Isildur1 can be watched soon on their site, taking part in a series of what they are calling SuperStar Showdowns, meant to test Isildur1's skills against the world’s best players.  These SuperStar Showdowns will apparently be single sessions of heads-up play consisting of at least 2,500 hands, with stakes no lower than $50/$100.  The first of the series- sure to be a railbird's dream- is already on the calendar, and will take place December 19th, at 6 p.m. ET, against an as of yet undisclosed top pro.

For more information on PokerStars’ High Stakes Heads-up SuperStar Showdown matches, or to check back later for more details on the true identity of Isildur1, visit
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