Isildur1 Set To Battle Isaac
December 16, 2021
Online poker wild man Isildur1, barely a week after signing with PokerStars as the newest member of their pro team, is already set to do battle against one of the Internet’s biggest threats, Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton, in his first of hopefully many SuperStar Showdowns.

These new PokerStars SuperStar Showdowns are basically 2,500 hand, heads-up matches, taking place on four online tables simultaneously.  Each table will feature blinds at least as high as $50/$100- to be increased whenever the players feel like it- to ensure Isildur1 gets the kind of action he is famous for being accustomed too.

This first SuperStar Showdown with Haxton is set to take place this Sunday (12/19) at 6pm, and given the multiple hundred thousand dollar swings Isildur1's bankroll has already experienced just playing for fun this last week, it seems it should more than live up to its billing.

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