2011 UB Team Radically Different Than 2010’s
January 5, 2022
The times they are a changing at, one of the Web’s largest online poker sites, with longtime team staples leaving the fold soon to be replaced by, well, that’s the big question.

According to a recent blog post by PokerRoad President and UB sponsored pro Joe Sebok (found here), UB any moment now will make public the signing of a new top poker player to the site; a new direction made necessary due to the departure of two of UB’s most recognizable pros, Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.

It had been rumored for some time now that Hellmuth was possibly leaving UB, a theory given weight by the fact that Phil stopped wearing all his patented UB sponsored gear awhile ago, however the news of Annie’s departure right before Hellmuth's became official, seemed significantly more surprising to those following the moves of this often times controversial site.

Both Annie and Phil, in tweets, blogs and interviews since their individual announcements, have stated no animosity towards UB, or the desire to leave due to any past scandals.  In fact all statements thus far by the two have been for lack of a better word cordial, with each listing vague terms like business, personal and professional motivations for the split. 
These two players, each with tournament cashes in the multi-millions, are now available to be snapped up by other major sites, and though clearly both would be desirable catches for almost any poker site hoping to gain exposure, as of yet it is unclear where either will settle.  In fact Duke, in a recent twitter reply to one of her followers, seemed to state she may not sign with anyone at all.

As for the future of Team UB, there is just speculation, and though numerous clues seem to suggest that their newest acquisition may be tournament pro Prahlad Friedman, guessing at the moment does little good; best instead to follow the advice given by Sebok in his highly read blog, and just patiently “stay tuned” for the announcement.
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