Isildur1 Unmasked
January 10, 2022
In the biggest “should have been surprising news but we kind of already knew it,” announcement since the signing of Prahlad Friedman to UB, it was discovered this weekend that online cash game wild man Isildur1 is actually (drumroll) Viktor Blom.

Isildur1, a 20-year old primarily heads-up cash game player from Sweden, had until this point kept his true identity a secret- presumably due to his country’s highly oppressive tax laws on online poker winnings- but could no longer hide, particularly given his recent lucrative signing as a Team PokerStars Pro.

With everything now out on the table, Blom, along with playing a series of highly publicized online heads-up challenges on PokerStars, will reportedly also be much more active on the live tournament scene and hopes- according to a recent interview in the PokerStars blog- to play a lot more European Poker Tour events.

The average win on the EPT, one of the world’s most popular poker tours, is usually over $1,000,000, so it should be interesting to see if these tournaments are truly able to hold Blom’s attention, given that amount is actually less than some of the single pots Blom has played for online in the past.
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