First $250K Buy-In Proves Smart For Seidel, Trickett, Benyamine; Questionable For 17 Others
January 27, 2022
There was a time not long ago, when putting up $100,000 for a poker tournament seemed about as crazy as you could get, but now thanks to 20 absurd degenerates (meant with love) down in Australia, that amount seems almost tame.

$250,000* is the new $100,000, and 20 is the number of players this year’s Aussie Millions poker series was able to get to shell out that incredibly steep buy-in, enough to award one player, Full Tilt Poker’s Erik Seidel, a $2.5 million* top prize.

It also doesn’t seem that long ago that it would take at least a week to win a prize that big in a poker tournament- or nearly 4 months in the case of the WSOP main event- but Seidel accomplished the feat in under a day, thanks to a speedy structure set up to accommodate a few of the key players involved- making the huge buy-in seem even more absurd.

Two other players were fortunate enough to cash with Seidel in the $250K* buy-in event yesterday, David Benyamine and Sam Trickett; the latter of whom dominated the competition for much of the day before finally getting outclassed by Seidel during the heads-up portion of the match.  Trickett earned $1,400,000* for his runner-up prize, not even his largest score of the week thanks to a first place cash in the Aussie Millions $100,000* buy-in last weekend.  In that match, Trickett earned over $1.5 million, putting his 2011 totals at close to $2,900,000 USD. 

$2.9 million is easily more than anyone’s earned in live tournament’s this year, besides Seidel that is, whose now at over $3.4 million thanks to four major top five cashes in January, including a third place in that $100K that Trickett won.

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*Denotes totals expressed in Australian Dollars: 1 AUD = 0.99 USD
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