The Poker Beat Bids Adieu
February 9, 2022
Talk about going out on top.  The Poker Beat, a poker news panel podcast located here at, during its first episode back since winning Bluff Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite Web-based Poker Show, dropped a bomb shell yesterday when it was announced the show would not be coming back.

In this most recent and apparently last episode of The Poker Beat, Scott Huff, who hosts the show along with a revolving cast of top industry experts, explained the decision to discontinue the show as a necessary one due primarily to his increasingly hectic schedule, and his unwillingness to let the show’s overall quality suffer as a result.  Huff, who took The Poker Beat from mere concept all the way to becoming the most popular podcast on PokerRoad, hinted that the decision could make more sense in the coming weeks, but gave few other details as to his future plans, instead focusing primarily on his gratitude to have worked with so many talented individuals during the show’s two year run.

Just a short list of the many on-air personalities that helped make Scott Huff and The Poker Beat so popular would include B.J. Nemeth, Dan “The Wolfman” Michalski, Jess Welman, Gary Wise, Joe Stapleton, The Insider, John Caldwell, Andrew Feldman, and many more.

For more information, click here to listen to the final episode of PokerRoad's The Poker Beat.
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