WPT Celebrity Invitational Down To Six
February 21, 2022
Which players are set to earn some cash at this year's World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational are now known, after a weekend of poker that saw a select group of 482 competitors knocked down to six.

This 2011 version of the Invitational once again did not disappoint in terms of celebrities, with such big names as Danny Masterson, Corey Feldman, Gina Gershon, Billy Burke and (believe it or not) Chaka Khan, sitting down to compete; however when it comes to the final six, few at that last table may seem all that recognizable to mainstream America.

Poker fans on the other hand- and this year oddly chess fans as well- will of course feel much more familiar with those final players set to compete on March 2nd- when this annual competition reconvenes to play down to a champion- with such successful pros as Davidi Kitai and Dan Heimiller both making it into the six person money round.

The chip leader of the final table is Damon Schramm, a lawyer out of Minneapolis who serves as General Counsel for Lyle Berman’s Lakes Entertainment.  Schramm leads the final six, but only by about 20,000 in tournament chips- seemingly making the event still a wide open contest for all lucky enough to still hold chips.

Other notables at the final table include Almira Skripchenko and Dinara Khaziyeva, both of whom amazingly are world-class competitive female chess players- a bizarre coincidence which before today would have seemed a near statistic impossibility.

The chip counts for the final six of the 2011 WPT Celebrity Invitational are as follows:

Damon Schramm- 865,000

Davidi Kitai- 845,000

Almira Skripchenko- 710,000

Dan Heimiller- 700,000

Dinara Khaziyeva- 670,000

George Rechnitzer- 660,000

The winner of this year’s WPT Celebrity Invitational will earn $100,000.  To find out who that winner may be, check out for live updates when the final table resumes Wednesday, March 2nd.
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