A Weekend With Daniel Negreanu
April 14, 2022
What are you doing August 8th through the 10th? Well if you want to help your poker game, you'll consider canceling. Daniel Negreanu, by all accounts one of the best poker players in the world, is offering a weekend seminar during those days to help 18 fortunate players improve their game.

For the paltry sum of $15,000, players can spend an August weekend hanging with Daniel at the Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino where each player will get personalized instruction covering everything from pot-odds to reading opponents. The weekend is sure to be educational but it should also be a lot of fun, as players get a chance to see what a weekend in Daniel's life is really like. Also on the agenda for the weekend is a barbecue at Negreanu's house, a VIP night on the town, and an 18-person poker tournament on the final day, to see just how much everyone has learned.

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