EPT Copenhagen: Final 24
February 24, 2022
The PokerStars European Poker Tour Copenhagen main event, after 2 full Day Ones, a Day Two and Day Three, is now down to only 24 players, each in the money and less than three tables away from a top prize worth over $685,000.

More than two-thirds of the surviving 73 person field was eliminated during Day 3 of EPT Copenhagen, yet pleasantly a surprising amount of recognizable names still remain- assuming you follow the international poker scene that is- including Per Linde, who leads the group with 1,622,000 in tournament chips.

Other notables remaining in the final 24 include Juha Helppi, Surinder Sunar and yesterday’s chip leader Michael Tureniec- still in the top five with a stack worth 1,089,000.

With only 24 players now with chips out of an original starting field of 449, tomorrow’s Day 4 should at long last set this event’s final table.  To read updates as players scramble for one of those last eight seats, or for more information about today’s Day 3, check out the PokerStars blog.
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