Record Setting Sunday Million Ends In 9 Person Chop
March 7, 2022
Yesterday’s Fifth Anniversary PokerStars Sunday Million, featured a $5 million guarantee; $3.5 million more than the regular Sunday Million guarantee- and as fate would have it- nearly $7 million less than they actually banked for it.

The record setting $11,825,600 total prize pool, was the result of 59,128 entrants paying the equivalent of $215 each.  This amazing prize pool, was enough to payout the top 7,450 finishers, and award a top prize of $1,655,629.38 to the last player with chips- assuming no deal was struck before or at the final table.

Of course with ninth place awarding “only” $41,389.60 and first awarding about $1.6 million more, the chance of some sort of deal being struck at some point seemed as close to a given as it gets, and sure enough a deal was hashed out pretty much as soon as the last table was finalized, guaranteeing no one would leave it with less than $260,000.

The details of the deal obviously still assured 1st place of one of the largest chunks of the prize pool, as well as a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo, a special PokerStars added bonus to commemorate the fifth anniversary. 

Online player “Bdbeatslayer,” after almost 15 hours play, was the one to finally earn the right to claim that car, as well as $671,093.81 and this once in a lifetime event’s title.  The biggest winner cash-wise though, was third place’s “wrzr123,” who pocketed $844,209.87.

The final table finish positions for the PokerStars Fifth Anniversary Sunday Million were as follows:

1st.  Bdbeatslayer- $671,093.81* + Lamborghini Gallardo

2nd.  sheppyshape- $465,647.02*

3rd.  wrzr123- $844,209.87*

4th.  guccyka- $411,090.13*

5th.  Syndrome1977- $799,842.09*

6th.  zeurrr- $518,402.33*

7th.  nhar818- $441,541.06*

8th.  Jan10004- $311,023.33*

9th.  Battmeister- $263,888.06*

*Adjusted totals reflect deal made at the final table.
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