Nevada To Consider Hybrid Form Of Intrastate Poker
March 10, 2022
With more and more states looking into the real coffer-boosting potential behind intrastate poker, information on yet another state crafting possible legislation seems barely newsworthy, yet Nevada’s spin on this concept- at first look- appears as unique as the state itself.

Unlike New Jersey’s recently vetoed intrastate gambling legislation- or the bills now being considered in Iowa and California- Nevada’s take according to a recent article from the Las Vegas Sun, is not so much a pure attempt at creating an Intrastate poker framework, as it is a way to clear up the country’s current murky position on internet poker for its citizens.  This new bill will apparently allow citizens of other states that “do not prohibit” internet poker to play with Nevadans under the new system, and will also not penalize currently operating sites like PokerStars, if they want to obtain licenses to operate in the state.

The bill- BDR 41-657- is being put forth by Assembly Majority Whip William Horne, reportedly thanks to encouragement from former Speaker Richard Perkins, who now represents PokerStars.

To view the proposed bill in its entirety, or to read the original Las Vegas Sun article, click here.
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