Final Table Set For The Big Event Bounty Shootout
March 12, 2022
Days 1a and 1b of the $10,000 buy-in, The Big Event Bounty Shootout at the Bicycle Casino, are now complete, giving ESPN segment producers as well as fans at the Bike, their first look at this exciting event’s final table.

Among the nine players left competing for the winner-take-all bounty shootout prize, worth $171,700, are numerous notable pros including friend of PokerRoad Shane “Shaniac” Schleger, Ali Eslami, Joe Tehan, 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Jonathan Duhamel, and Victor Ramdin, fresh off his main event win here just two days prior.

As this is a bounty shootout event, each player at the final table had to be the last survivor of their initial tables to get to this point, and therefore all have the same amount of chips- and the $40,000 prize that was awarded for that accomplishment.  However, the final nine players can be distinguished by the number of bounties they posses, each worth $2,000 at the moment, and possibly worth $20,000 more,  if they end up with more than any other player at the end of the tournament.

The final nine players of the 2011 The Big Event Bounty Shootout- and the amount of bounties they have claimed so far- are as follows:

Jonathan Duhamel (4 bounties)

Victor Ramdin (4 bounties)

John Smith (4 bounties)

Ali Eslami (3 bounties)

Joe Tehan (3 bounties)

Shane Schleger (3 bounties)

Pat Walsh (3 bounties)

Alex Keating (1 bounty)

Matt Woodward (1 bounty)

The current bounty leaders are Shawn Buchanan and Sameer Al Janedi with five each, however neither of those players are still in the competition, leaving the door wide open mathematically speaking for any one of the final nine to grab the bounty lead title and the $20,000 prize that goes with it.  It’s also worth noting, that the bounties on the final table are worth five times as much as they were on the initial tables, adding even more incentive for players to get aggressive.

For more information on the two Day Ones of The Big Event Bounty Shootout, or to follow today’s (3/12) final table action, visit
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