Walsh The Winner At The Big Event Bounty Shootout
March 14, 2022
Professional poker player Pat Walsh, was the final survivor of the $10,000 Bounty Shootout at the Bicycle Casino’s The Big Event early Sunday morning, earning himself in total $241,700.

That total, the most Walsh has won at one time since his fifth place finish at the 2009 WPT LA Poker Classic main event, was the result of earning not only the Shootout top prize of $171,700, but also $40,000 for conquering his first table, $26,000 in bounties for knocking out five players, and $4,000, for tying with five other players in having the best bounty total.

Some of the pros Walsh claimed bounties from on route to his first place prize included Mike Baxter, Rick Salomon, Alex Fitzgerald and Ali Eslami, the runner-up finisher of the event.

Eslami, despite outlasting all but one of the original 81 entrants, earned $56,000 in total ($40,000 for winning his initial table and $16,000 in bounties)- substantially less than Walsh given the winner take all nature of the contest.

The final table payouts for the 2011 The Big Game Bounty Shootout were as follows:

1st.  Pat Walsh- $241,700

2nd.  Ali Eslami- $56,000

3rd.  Alex Keating- $62,000

4th.  Joe Tehan- $56,000

5th.  John Smith- $58,000

6th.  Jonathan Duhamel- $58,000

7th.  Matt Woodward- $42,000

8th.  Shane Schleger- $46,000

9th.  Victor Ramdin- $48,000

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