EPT Snowfest: 81 Survive Day 2
March 23, 2022
The PokerStars European Poker Tour Snowfest main event, during a long Day 2, saw 268 Day 1 survivors cut down to only 81, each now less than a dozen players away from the money.

That 72 person money bubble is the next stop on a road that will eventually lead to one of these final 81 players reaching a top prize worth €390,000.

Some of the players still in contention for that prize at the start of today’s Day 3 include Alex Kravchenko, Michael Tureniec, Vladimir Geshkenbein and Luca Pagano, who is currently in the top ten and on the verge of grabbing a record 18th European Poker Tour cash.

For more information, or to follow Day 3 highlights online, visit the PokerStars blog.
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