2011 EPT Snowfest: 24 Left And Onto Day 4
March 24, 2022
Day 3 of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Snowfest main event- way up in the Austrian Alps- ended yesterday, with only 24 players remaining from an original total field of 482.

Leading that final three tables, with nearly 1.6 million in tournament chips, is Italy’s Giacomo Maisto, one of five Italians left in a field predominated by Eastern Europeans. 

Maisto, like perhaps most of the remaining Snowfest survivors, is not that recognizable of a name to many of us non-Europeans, however a few slightly more known names also still have chips in the field.  Some of the recognizable Day 3 survivors from this year’s EPT Snowfest include Vladimir “beyne” Geshkenbein, Morten Mortensen and Alex Kravchenko.

Day 4 of the EPT Snowfest- the day that should lead us to the final table- is already underway.  For more information on Snowfest, or to read highlights straight from the Alpine Palace Card Casino, visit the PokerStars blog.
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