The World Poker Tour Agrees To Modify Their Release Form
April 21, 2022
After nearly two years of discussion and legal maneuvering, WPT Enterprises, Inc. has announced the settlement of the lawsuit regarding their controversial release form. The suit, originally announced during the 2006 WSOP, was brought fourth by seven well known players (Chris Ferguson, Andy Block, Annie Duke, Phil Gordon, Howard Lederer, Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem) who feared the World Poker Tour release forms were too far reaching and effectively forced players to violate their sponsorship agreements with other companies by signing them. This new settlement agreement will lead to the modification of the WPT Release; however, there will be no monetary compensation whatsoever. WPTE has released a statement in which they still deny "any liability or wrongdoing" but expressed a firm desire to put the matter behind them, in order to continue growing the game in a positive way.

Already players long absent from WPT events, like Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer, have been seen sitting at the tables due to this successful resolution.

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