Poker After Dark Season Four
April 23, 2022
NBC has released new details about the next season of Poker After Dark (PAD). This new season will introduce a total of 20 new players who will join many of the old favorites that are quickly becoming synonymous with this popular late night show. Along with these new players, there will also be some format changes. For instance, there will be two week-long cash games and a heads-up competition that will feature every player ever to win the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

Of course, most of the shows will stick to the winning formula that has made PAD the success it is. There will still be crazy theme weeks like "Brilliant Minds" week, which will feature math geeks like Bill Chen, Andy Bloch, and Chris Ferguson and "The Mayfair Club" week which will be a reunion of sorts for many of the big name players that originally cut their teeth at this now infamous New York club. There will still be a beautiful host to distract the players, however this season that role will be filled by Leeann Tweeden, the host of the 2008 National Heads-up Poker Championship . Perhaps most importantly of all though, the voice over work will still be done by PokerRoad Radio's Ali Nejad.

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