The PPA: Big Numbers And Big Announcements
April 23, 2022
The Poker Players Alliance, poker's largest non-profit lobbying group, has announced they've reached their long time goal of having more than one million members. This many members (and potential voters) should now send a clear message to lawmakers that poker players are an organized force to be reckoned with.

The PPA also announced this week, a new voter registration drive called "If You Play, Have a Say," which aims to educate poker players on the issues and get them voting. This campaign hopes to register 100,000 new voters in strategic locations around the country.

Lastly, the PPA has launched a new political action committee called, PokerPAC, which is open to all dues paying members of the PPA. This group will work hard to keep the PPA's message in the forefront in Washington and can already claim Annie Duke as an honorary member.

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