Tom Dwan Wears Many Hats
April 25, 2022
Last week, internet sensation Tom 'durrr' Dwan promised he'd be on time to meet up with his friends, or else they could spend the whole $25,000 WPT Championship picking silly hats for him to wear. Such a comment may not be taken seriously in any other profession, but in Dwan's circle of highly skilled professional poker players, a comment like that is binding. Unfortunately for Dwan, on the night in question he was a tad tardy.

Dwan was good to his word, despite competing for millions of dollars, he dutifully wore every crazy hat his friend Alan Sass could think of putting on him. One day it was a pink feathered number, one day he looked like the Chiquita Banana lady, one day it was a wearable bowling pin, and the last day it was a huge phallic looking pink flamingo.

You may notice that's a lot of hats, and that's because Dwan made it all the was to the last table of the event before busting in ninth place - three spots before the final TV table. This was by no means an easy feat to accomplish in such a star studded event, which leaves us to wonder: are the hats lucky?

Find out for yourself. Tom 'durrr' Dwan has graciously agreed to put the hats up for auction to try to help a truly worthy charity called, The One Drop Foundation. This foundation, started by Cirque Du Soleil's Guy Laliberte, aims to get healthy clean drinking water to people around the world that desperately need it. It's a great charity and it needs your help, so why not think about getting a hat?

Here is the current status of Dwan's four lucky hats:

The Feather hat at this point has already received a $300 bid from a PokerRoad fan via email.

The bowling pin hat is now up for auction on ebay and it's even been signed by Dwan as an added incentive. Bids are still being accepted and as of this posting the current highest bid is $51.00.

The crazy fruit hat was stolen, please catch the thief and flog them.

The giant flamingo hat has just been posted on ebay and is currently still at its $10 starting bid, so this one is probably your best bet if your hoping to get a cheap bid in. This is the hat that got him to ninth place.
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