Still Hope For Washington in Dino Rossi
April 30, 2022
Washington State has some of the toughest internet poker laws in the country, but that could change if Dino Rossi gets elected. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi commented recently during in interview on Seattle's KIRO radio (710 AM) that he agrees with many in the poker world that Washington's current anti-online poker laws are too strict.

"...they made it a crime for someone playing poker online on their computer. They made it a crime that's equal with child pornography. Now, a felony will mess up your life for a very long time. You have some college kid that's playing poker online and you're giving him a felony for that? It doesn't make sense. It doesn't fit the crime."

Rossi went on to say that if elected, he would "certainly" sign any legislation he was given to overturn Washington's unreasonable online poker ban. For story in it's entirety, please visit the Independent Online Poker Authority,
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