PartyPoker Helps Their High Stakes SNG Players
April 30, 2022
In an unexpected move that could dramatically effect how many other online sites handle their high stakes players, has announced their setting a cap on their fees for all their high-end sit-'n-gos (STTs).

Starting tomorrow, any sit-'n'-go with a buy-in of $200 or more, will now have a flat fee of just $10. This means PartyPoker's $1,000, $2,000, and $5,000 sit-'n-gos could now cost as much as $190 less to play, compared to other popular online poker sites.

This surprising announcement will surely force PartyPoker's competitors to reevaluate their own SNG fees and could hopefully create a ripple effect in the market, that could greatly benefit many SNG grinders. Unfortunately, at the moment, only non-US players can take advantage of this opportunity and award PartyPoker, for this new generous change in policy.

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