More Details Revealed About WSOP Main Event
May 2, 2022
It's confirmed! In a conference call yesterday with the poker media's biggest players (Shronk was there for us), WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack confirmed the announcement that the Final Table of this years WSOP will begin 117 days after the rest of the event has taken place. Pollack made it clear that this move was to create buzz and anticipation for the Final Table and to elevate it towards the heights of a Super Bowl or Daytona 500.

The logistics of this are staggering, but here's the basic plan:

July 3rd will be the start of this years WSOP Main Event and the event will continue, as always, until the final table is reached on July 15th. At that point, all nine players who still have chips will be paid the equivalent of the ninth place finisher (the rest of the prize pool will be put in an interest bearing account where it will grow for the next 117 days). After that, it's 16 weeks of "promotion and anticipation" as poker fans get a chance to watch all that has happened so far during the 2008 WSOP. In the meantime, the final nine will most likely be studying, doing interviews, signing promotional agreements, researching their opponents, and day dreaming about what they will do with that first place prize money. ESPN will not only be busy showing the 2008 WSOP episodes, but they will also be working with the final nine during this time, creating a "Final Table Preview Show" to air November 4th, as well as possibly creating other programming for ESPN

On November 9th, these now hopefully famous nine players will come together to begin the Final Table at the Rio Hotel & Casino in front of a huge crowd of family, friends, celebrities, and fans. The players will play down to the final 2 and then stop for the night, leaving the heads-up portion of the event for November 10th.

According to theory, the winner of the event will be crowned in the early morning of November 11th, and that is the same day the rest of the world will get to view the edited but still awfully close to live, WSOP Final Table. For more discussion on this developing story, be sure to check out Shronk's most recent Pokerazzi piece, and for more on this story in it's entirety, which includes other big changes at this years WSOP, please visit the Independent Online Poker Authority,
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