Absolute Poker Scandal Wraps Up
January 14, 2022
The Kahnawake Gaming Commission finally released their report on Friday, January 11th, regarding Absolute Poker and the potripper scandal. In the report, the commission listed 7 accounts guilty of wrong doings; GRAYCAT, PAYUP, STEAMROLLER, POTRIPPER, XXCASHMONEY a.k.a SUPERCARDM55, DOUBLEDRAG, and RONFALDOXXB a.k.a ROMNALDO. However, the commission found no proof that Absolute Poker as a whole, had participated in, or profited from, the misdeeds in question.

The report stats that, "...there is no evidence to indicate that the impugned activities were initiated or sanctioned by AP as a corporate entity - either through its Board of Directors or its principle ownership. There is no evidence that impugned activities benefited, or were intended to benefit, AP as a corporate entity"

The commission did say, however, that Absolute Poker was guilty of breaching many sections of the Commissions Gaming Regulations. The breaches included not contacting the Commission within 24 hours of discovering the initial problem, and attempting to delete relevant records that could have helped uncover suspect activities that had taken place. As a result of these and other breaches of the Commission's Regulations, AP will, among other things, be fined $500,000.00 and will be subject to random audits for the next two years.

Since issuing the report, Absolute Poker has released an official statement, wherein they, "accept without reservation the KGC's findings and sanctions." Absolute Poker went on to comment that they were happy to put behind them a, "...most distressing and regrettable experience for the Company, its employees, and its customers."

Edited By Mark Anderson
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