Big Poker Sundays back LIVE - Thursday 1-2pm !!
May 7, 2022
Good news, bad news.

The bad news is that Scott has been asked to leave his weekly Tae Kwon Do class for, as his Sensei put it, "an inappropriate level of aggression toward the younger members of the class" (specifically an 11 year-old named Jessica).

The good news is that Scott now has his Thursday afternoons open to resume the Thursday-for-Sunday schedule for Big Poker Sundays.

The boys will be broadcasting the show LIVE and taking your calls Thursday from 1-2pm. The show will then be available for download on Sunday.

This will be the first change the guys have to tear the final table delay to pieces, so call in live and get your dose of intellectual pummeling from Haralabob.

Do it - 866.925.8255, or if you're a wuss
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