The FTOPS Have Begun With More Numbers And Less Mystery
May 8, 2022
The Eighth installment of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, officially began yesterday with event #1, the 6 Max No Limit Hold 'em $200+16 buy-in. This first event had a guaranteed prize pool of $750,000, which was easily surpassed when 4,158 players signed up to play. The winner of the event, "the guru 11" took home $158,852.23 and a coveted gold jersey avatar, after knocking out his final opponent, "dan_dada," with pocket Queens vs. dan_dada's diamond flush draw.

With the beginning of this season's FTOPS, Full Tilt Poker has decided to announce which games will be played during their 3 "mystery" events. Originally, it was believed that these events would stay shrouded in mystery until they began, but that plan now seems to have been officially nixed. The 3 events in question were events #3, #8, and #17, which we now know will all be No-limit Hold 'em tournaments of varying types.

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