WPT/PokerRoad Bounty Tournament! (5)
May 8, 2022 and PokerRoad have teamed up to put together a great tournament with bounties and added cash, as well as a chance for you to get a 100% deposit bonus on the WPT's real-money site.

This is for only NON-US CUSTOMERS at this time. (contact your congressman to change that).

Sign up to play on the WPT's site, receive a 100% deposit bonus, and compete in the $10 bounty tournament against Antonio Esfandiari, Jody Trainer (former Canadian Player of the Year), Joe Sebok, and Super-Producer Court Harrington of PokerRoad Radio (all of which have $50 bounties on them, as well as PokerRoad gear).

Here's what you need to do:

1. Go to the PokerRoad Radio page on and click through the WPT banner at the top of the page (or use the bonus code 'ROAD' when signing up at WPT) in order to get your deposit bonus. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT!

2. Deposit at least $11 (the buy-in for the tournament). The more you deposit, the more WPT will match in bonuses (up to $100).

3. Register for the tournament:
- Tournament Name: WPT Canadian Open
- Date: May 11 02:00 UK (6pm Pacific on May 10th)
- Added Cash to Prize Pool: $300
- Type: Bounty $50 per bounty player (plus PokerRoad gear)

4. Play in the tournament and get to chat and play with our bounties: Antonio Esfandiari, Joe Sebok, and Court Harrington.

5. Take the thing down, collect your bounties and gear, and go on to run it up huge on WPT's real-money site!

The click-through bonus banner can be found on the PokerRoad Radio page. Sign up now and take out Court "Nitzilla" Harrington, and hand Joe his third career "Seventhbok."
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