Sebok Gets Into Canada: The Eskimo Way
May 8, 2022
As of early today, Sebok was 0-1 in attempts to enter Canada.

On Joe's first attempt at gaining access into our northern neighbor, he neglected to inform the border guards that when he was 18 he sold automatic weapons to elementary school kids and forgot it was on his record. Even after telling them that he was Barry Greenstein's son, they still wouldn't let him in, so, alas, Sebok had to miss the first ever round of PokerRoad Radio shows.

This time, however, was different! ... sort of.

Joe had done all the necessary paperwork to get the arms dealing charge erased from his record, BUT he did not have his hair molding wax pomade in a 1.2 ounce container OR in a zip-top bag and was turned away ONCE AGAIN at border patrol.

Luckily, Joe had a backup plan. He called in a favor from a good friend and they took the "scenic route" into Canada.

So, Joe is safely (albeit illegally) in Canada and will be joining the rest of the PR Radio crew from the Coast to Coast Championship at the River Rock Casino in Vancouver. Tune in for new shows starting the 9th!

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