New Information on the eCheck "Scandal"
May 12, 2022
It appears as though the problems many online players have been having with Echeck withdrawals may be nearing an acceptable resolution - that is, if you play on Pokerstars.

Since the beginning of April, many players on both Full Tilt and Pokerstars have been without withdrawals made from their online poker accounts using the new eCheck method. This method, which has gained exponentially in popularity since the recent pullout of ePassporte from the North American market, has been the subject of continuing "technical difficulties" according to both of the major sites. Players that made cashout requests as far back as early April still have not received their funds, and have been told a number of conflicting dates (most of which have come and gone) by which they should have received their money.

While compensation for Full Tilt players remains uncertain, Pokerstars has just announced today that their players will be awarded a 20% direct deposit bonus on all delayed eCheck withdrawals made since the beginning of April. The bonus will not need to be cleared and can be cashed out right away.
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