Layla Kayleigh Wont Return For WPT Season 7
May 13, 2022
Another one bites the dust. The curse of Shana Hiatt claimed yet another victim this week when it was announced that current World Poker Tour Hostess Layla Kayleigh would not be returning to the show for season seven. Layla, a spunky fixture on the G4 channel with a cute british accent, now joins an ever-growing list of beautiful women who for one reason or another, were unable to parlay the coveted WPT opportunity into an ongoing job.

Ever since the departure of Shana Hiatt after her first three successful seasons on the WPT, it seems no other women has been able to discover the formula for long term success as a television poker tournament hostess. Yet despite these odds, many long time poker fans thought Kayleigh was close to nailing it. Kayleigh "brought great edge, wit, and personality to the World Poker Tour as hostess," according to spokesmen at WPT enterprises, and it seems as if she was popular with the fans as well. Given this, it may seem surprising that the World Poker Tour is once again auditioning for a fresh face for their tour, but it shouldn't be if you've been paying any attention. In the gambling world there are certain things we just have to accept as givens: always split aces in Blackjack, in video poker keep the low pair instead of the ace, and lastly, when watching poker on television, don't let yourself get to attached to the hostess... unless her name is Shana.

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