Danish Players May Have Reason To Celebrate
May 14, 2022
Obviously many great tournament poker players come from Denmark, yet recently the Danish government has been unkind to tournament poker, considering it like any other form of gambling and therefore illegal in private clubs. Things may be looking up though. The Danish Supreme Court, Denmark's highest legal body, has decided to examine the case as to whether or not tournament poker should be legal in Denmark. This exciting development is considered a very good sign by poker activists, as most likely the Supreme Court wouldn't have taken up the case if they were happy with the decision that the a lower court, the Landsretten, had previously made.

e Frederik Hostrup and the Danish Poker Federation initially appealed the Landsretten ruling a few months ago, and Holstrup is overjoyed with the Supreme Court's decision to look at the previous case.

"This is a good day for Danish poker. It can make a big difference for everyone who loves poker," Holstrup said.

Since the Danish Supreme Court has decided to reopen this case, Danish private clubs will be allowed to revert back to the old rules from before the Landsretten ruling. This means that for the moment at least, poker tournaments in private clubs will once again be allowed in Denmark, without any government interference.

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