Ali Nejad Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is
May 16, 2022
Ali Nejad, one of the hosts of PokerRoad Radio (PRR) and the long time disembodied voice of NBC's Poker After Dark, will now see what it's like to sit at the table he's so use to talking about. Nejad joins Phil Gordon, Mark Gregorich, Chad Brown, Robert Williamson and Howard Lederer for a week long Poker After Dark aptly titled, "Commentators Week."

Certainly "AliWood" is not new to cards, longtime PRR listeners have heard many stories about his Chinese Poker exploits, yet he'll definitely have his work cut out for him this week, as he battles a table full of WSOP bracelet winners and WPT champions.

When discussing the show on the most recent episode of PokerRoad Radio, Nejad was quite coy about his results, pretty much forcing his fans to tune in to NBC to see exactly how he fared. If he did great, we here at PokerRoad look forward to celebrating his triumph with him. However, if things went south, well better still, let the ridiculing begin!

Poker After Dark Commentators Week begins this Monday, May 19th.
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