King County Keeps Online Gambling Ban
May 19, 2022
Last week Lee Rousso, former gubernatorial candidate and Washington State's Poker Players Alliance Director, finally got his day in court. Rousso has been fighting for some time to overturn a Washington statute that makes internet gambling a felony in his state. After nearly a year of waiting, Rousso's case was finally ruled on in a King County courthouse last Friday, but unfortunately for him, the judge in the case, Judge Mary Roberts, upheld the current law stating that Rousso had not sufficiently proven that the current law unfairly protects state gambling interests at the expense of out of state interests.

This ruling could have far reaching consequences for internet gambling around the country and Rousso is determined not to let things end here. After the decision, Rousso spoke to a crowd of concerned poker players, including Barry Greenstein and Andy Bloch, that had gathered outside the courthouse to show support for his cause. In his speech, Rousso promised to continue "to fight the good fight" saying he would take this case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.

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