"Halfrek" Has A Good Week
May 20, 2022
At the risk of possibly overstating things, not since God created the Universe has anyone accomplished so much in six days. I'm talking of course of online poker player "Halfrek," who not only won the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) Event #11 on May 12th, but also took down event #21 on May 17th.

"Halfrek" is the first player ever to win two events during the same FTOPS, winning a combined total of $859,420. Even more impressive than that, is the fact that the two events "Halfrek" won, also happened to be the two events with the highest buy-ins of the series. Event #11 was the $1,000+ 60 buy-in, No Limit Hold 'em tournament, and event #21 was the $2,500+ 120 two day, No Limit Hold 'em tournament.

Call me crazy, but something tells me the next time we see "Halfrek" playing on FullTilt Poker, his name may be in red.
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